Jennifer Panepinto aka QuantumSpirit is a visual artist combining analog and digital processes, using a range of mediums from Polaroid to AI Art. Her artworks are inspired by her own journey with mental health, exploring both light and dark concepts, frequently using rainbows. Jennifer is also inspired by the conscious mind and metaphysics. The dreamy nature of her work reflects these ideas.
Jennifer has been following the NFT space for about two years, and started minting art in November of 2021. She has always been compelled to create art. Her process is multidisciplinary, combining aspects of analog and digital processes.
For the better part of the past two decades, Jennifer has been a professional graphic designer and illustrator. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies and has also been an entrepreneur. Jennifer received her MFA in Design from The School of Visual Arts in 2003 and a BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute in 1998.
Jennifer is a wife and mom, living in the NYC metro area.

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