World Photography Day, Sloika, Obscura + Muse Hive, Bali + Beijing, AUGUST 16-20, 2023
IHAM Gallery, Curated by Patrick Amadon, 46 Bd Henri IV, 75004 Paris, France, AUGUST 1-30, 2023
AI Surrealism, EW Collective Curated by Anna Dart, Superchief Canvas 3.0, JUNE 2-24, 2023
HOMAGE A2 Accelerate Art, LUME Studios, 393 Broadway, NYC, JUNE 16, 2023
NFC Lisbon, Curated by Patrick Amadon, Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, Lisbon Portugal, JUNE 7-9 2023
HOMAGE A2 Accelerate Art, Constantin Brâncuși of the Craiova Museum, Romania, JUNE 1-5, 2023 
Global Pizza Party with Mint Gold Dust, Not Art Gallery 1010 N Ashland Chicago IL, MAY 22, 2023
NFT Bali Art Week, Collective Solution, Superlative Gallery Legian, Bali, MAY 22-28, 2023
NFT Rome, Superchief H(ai)l Caesar, Piazza Di Sant'Apponia 13, 00153, Rome, MAY 4-7, 2023
NFT.NYC, Artist Village, North Javits, Hudson Yards, NYC, APRIL 12-14, 2023
LATENT DREAMS curated by BLAC and JOYN, The NFT Gallery, NYC, APRIL 13, 2023
UNCANNY VALLEY, The Black Box NFT Art Festival, The Lower Draw Gallery NYC, APRIL 12 2023
Tez Art Connect by Tezos Commons, The NFT Gallery, NYC, APRIL 11, 2023
STREETS at Papermill Playhouse, Millburn, NJ, MARCH 27-JULY 2, 2023
MintGoldDust Culture Walk at ETH Denver, FEBRUARY 24 - MARCH 5, 2023
NFT GOAT Art Gallery, Love & Connection, Toronto Canada, FEBRUARY 14, 2023
ArtCrush, London Call, NOVEMBER 2023
SearchLight.art Trudentity Show in Spatial XR NOVEMBER 2022
Empowered Creators by Creatress in Spatial XR. OCTOBER 5 - NOVEMBER 2022
SearchLight.art + MintGoldDust in Spatial XR, Machine Dialogues Show, FALL 2022
OneDropNFTs Online and at the W3BTHR33 LOUNGE, JUNE 2022
Cr3ative X NYC by SearchLight at EDITION, 701 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10036, JUNE 21-23, 2022
NFT SEA, 11 Fulton Street, New York, NY, JUNE 21, 2022
STRATASPHERE with Artist Sabet in Spatial XR, JUNE 2022
FigureGlyphs in Cryptovoxels, MAY-JUNE 2022
WitchyGF Women's Invitational, Innerspace Gallery, MARCH 31, 2022
Tributary, the first PoP’able AR art installation in Austin, TX during SXSW, MARCH 11-13, 2022
WE THE WOMEN's Thrive Group Exhibition in Spacial XR, MARCH 2022-2023
Superchief H(ai)l Caesar, Foundation World, MAY 5, 2023
Post Photography by Ivona Tau, Nifty Gateway, MARCH 27-29, 2023
Hue Gallery, Yellow Curation, Foundation World, FEBRUARY 28, 2023
WizardCon, Winter Wizard Competition, Peoples Choice Award Winner,  JANUARY 16, 2023
ObscuraDao, Uncanny Valley, Beyond the Valley Competition, Winner,  JANUARY 14, 2023
Expressions with Meaning, AI Art Contest, 1st Place Prize Winner,  DECEMBER 2022
AI x Photography, Twitter Space with @katjak, JANUARY 31, 2023
Expressions Marketplace 100 Artists in 100 Days #20, NOVEMBERr 17, 2022
WX8BK Art, Wagmi Wine Chat in Twitter Spaces HOST: @WX8BK, Tuesday NOVEMBER 1, 2022
Witchy Wednesdays in Twitter Spaces Host: @WGFNFT, APRIL 20TH, 2022
The NFT Outer Space Podcast EP 32, MARCH 24, 2022
1st Dibs, THE MINT, William Fowler, MAY 5, 2022 https://www.1stdibs.com/the-mint/psychedelic-nft-art/
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